Potential Loss to the Accountancy World

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On the launch of our new website, I decided to take a light hearted look at people who either qualified or trained as Accountants and the loss to the accountancy world. What would the consequences be if the following Top 10 potential future Accountants had stuck with their original career choice?

Mick Jagger

(Studied Accountancy and Finance at the London School of Economics)

We never would have known a 70 year old man could move like that!!!

Padraig Harrington

(Qualified ACCA)

Sergio Garcia would now be a two time Major winner

Barry Hearn

(Qualified ACA)

The music world would have been a poorer place for without the release of “Snooker Loopy”

Eddie Izzard

(Accountancy Degree)

Proving it was possible that anyone can run 43 marathons in 51 days without training

Robert Plant

(Did 2 weeks training as a Chartered Accountant)

We would never have known there was “A Stairway”

Kenny G

(Accountancy Degree)

Bleeding Gums Murphy from The Simpsons would be the only famous saxophonist you could name

John Grisham

(Accountancy Degree)

Thomas Harris, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton and Charles Frazier would all have topped the list of bestselling novels in the United States during the 1990s

Chuck Liddell

(Accountancy Degree)

Wanderlei Silva could have been the new Randy Couture

Charles Haughey

(Qualified Chartered Accountant)

A generation of Irish people would never have been introduced to the world of Charvet shirts

Lee Van Cleef

(Worked as an Accountant)

Where would the “The Good” have been without “The Bad”

About the Author

Brian Dwane

Brian Dwane

Brian Dwane has always had an interest in people. After studying marketing at university, he then embarked on a 12-month exploration of the world, making some life-long friends along the way. His ability to quickly and effectively build solid relationships is reflected in his career, with the experience and contacts gained over 12 years spent with leading recruitment consultancies serving London, Dublin and globally-based clients enabling Brian to build a long-standing network of senior finance and accounting professionals.

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