“…we really should update our website…”

“…we really should update our website…” Featured Image

What started as a throwaway comment almost a year ago, turned into a project that has kept the entire team busy for the best part of six months.  We wanted our new website to be fresh, we wanted it to be bright but above all, we wanted our website to reflect us.  What we believe we have is a website that does just that and a website of which we are all very proud.

Although we’ve learnt a lot during this project, we are still recruiters and we’re not photographers, copywriters, designers or developers.  Luckily, we didn’t need to be because a team of extremely talented professionals have been involved in the creation of the website with us.  To these people, we owe a great deal of thanks.  So in no particular order, thank you to:-

Becky Kerr from Becky Kerr Photography for taking the photos of our Directors and making us look acceptable – no mean feat on a damp and misty October morning!

Becky Slack, Charlotte Simmonds and Zak Bentley from Slack Communications for capturing our very essence from just a couple of hours over lunch and putting it all into words.

Lisa Jones from Barclay Jones, our social media and recruitment technology expert for introducing us to our web designers, for giving us lists of things our website had to do and for explaining the technology when we needed it.

Richard Weaver from Advantage Business Partnerships, our Growth Accelerator coach, mentor and “critical friend” for keeping us focused on The Plan.  Richard, we are delighted to say that this phase of the website project has now moved to GREEN!

All our clients and candidates, in particular those who readily offered to provide case studies and testimonials.  Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to us.

Our web designers at Ph Creative for being such an inspiring bunch of people.  So many people have been involved from Ph but in particular thank you to Jack for insisting on visiting us in the first place and leaving us in no two minds that we wanted to work with Ph, to Alison for getting the design right first time and to Jim and Mark for all the backend development and ensuring the site integrates seamlessly with all our other tools.  Most of all, our thanks to Jenni, our Project Manager.  Jenni’s bio says she’s probably one of the most organised people in Liverpool.  She’s definitely that and she’s the friendliest, most accommodating, and most patient person too.  Huge thanks Jenni!

Finally, thank you to all the team at Broadstone Resourcing for their commitment to this project.  We have been taken way beyond our traditional comfort zones in terms of technology, blog writing, image and colour choice and taken on board the advice of all the experts.  We have all had input, we have all poured over wireframes and images and, by the time you read this, we will have all been involved in testing the site prior to launch day.  It’s been a huge amount of work to take on, on top of the day job of recruiting accountants, but we’ve had fun doing it, we even agreed on images almost immediately, and although this is the official launch our new website, this is just the beginning.

So, please share the website with colleagues and friends and let us know what you think!

About the Author

Sam Broe

Sam Broe

While Brian and Graham consult with clients and candidates, Sam is busy overseeing day-to-day operations across the rest of the company. A degree in modern languages and years of experience as a manager at PwC means Sam has excellent strategic, analytical and organisational skills – precisely what is required within this fast-growing professional services recruitment consultancy. Her knowledge, drive and support plays an integral role in enabling Broadstone Resourcing to deliver on its promises to clients and candidates.