9 Things You Cannot Afford To Be Without At Work – We Account For Your Favourite Business Kit

9 Things You Cannot Afford To Be Without At Work – We Account For Your Favourite Business Kit Featured Image

We all love a good gadget.  It’s not always about being technical but the joy of something that makes us happy, upbeat or allow us to achieve in our working day.  After defining a good product, gadget or invention as “something you cannot imagine ever living without”, we asked a select group of finance professionals to tell us what makes a difference to their working day.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Turn down the radio, adjust your screens and remove those post-it notes and plug in your earphones as we reveal their dream business kit

  1. Smartphone – No longer used just for phone calls and texts, today’s mobiles are mini computers with a phone app.  We work on them, send emails, listen to music, watch films, scan documents, speak to people, socially interact, buy things, take pictures, navigate, plan our life, tell the time, read books, play games and get free U2 albums – enough said.
  2. Skype – Video Chat darling that has saved endless journeys and allowed remote working.  Use it for conference calls, phone calls or simply to catch up with family and friends abroad without worrying about the corporate phone bills.
  3. Calculator – The ever present friend of the accounting professional, it would be wrong not to mention this gadget.
  4. Multiple Screens – This is a must for all the excel gurus out there.  Various research has concluded multiple screens can positively affect productivity by up to 42% increase against single screen users and has shown to reduce stress and errors.  It’s also great for comparison and when on Skype you can use the other screen to capture data whilst continuing on your video conference call.
  5. Silent Mouse – This has double benefit points as you will longer annoy or be annoyed by the click click sound as colleagues with window addiction close down multiple files or decide to delete a year’s worth of emails one by one.  It will also allow your serious Candy Crush or Tetris problem go unnoticed – happy gaming!
  6. Radio – Recent research reveals that the majority of people in full-time employment want to be able to listen to music at work. Research says it brightens mood, makes people feel happier and people enjoy going to work when music is played.  So if you’re having problem with attendance, in the words of British Pop Act “MARRS”  –  “Pump up the Volume”
  7. Kettle – We all love a hot drink, be it coffee or tea and  making the drinks encourages you to break away from your desk and take a well-earned rest.   Even better, if, like me, your lack of tea making efforts in the office are often criticised, you can now buy the iKettle and turn it on remotely from your smartphone – although I’m not sure how I put the water in from my desk?
  8. Post-it Notes – When adding a reminder to your smartphone simply won’t do, stick post-it notes to your multiple screens.  Productivity guaranteed.
  9. Earphones – Cut out the background noise and general chit chat of an open plan office and concentrate on your work.  Just remember to keep the volume down.  Please.

Honourable mentions go to cable clips, clip on cup holders and a decent chair, but what have we missed out?  Any further suggestions?

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Graham Broe

Graham Broe

Having spent more than a decade honing his craft at leading recruitment consultancies serving London-based and global clients, Graham combines his market knowledge with creativity (he holds a degree in art and design) and excellent personal skills to find exactly the right candidates for exactly the right roles. He is passionate about the value finance and accountancy staff offer to their organisations, and is committed to matching high-performance candidates with their next great career opportunity.

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