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Anonymous, Finance Director

Anonymous, Finance Director at a data-driven marketing company.

My requirement when I came to Broadstone was quite specific. When I started my role as Finance Director, our finance department of four people was down to one, following a review of skills and abilities. The company was making losses and had already run out of cash. The management team in the business had lost faith in the integrity of the finance team and their output.

I needed someone immediately who could clean the records, ensure we had accurate data to make decisions on, and was unfazed by the apparent crisis that had enveloped the finance department.

Broadstone sensed the urgency, and arrived to take the brief two hours after I called. They were able to find a range of candidates who would be able to fulfil the role. They managed to source and sell to me one specific candidate who was overwhelmingly a perfect match. Graham played a vital role in convincing the candidate that this role was a place to learn and grow.

Since joining, the candidate has grown into a key member of the senior business management team, and has thrown herself wholly into a deep understanding of the business operations. She continues to shine and impress, and is a wonderful advocate of a new, professional finance team.

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